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Aug 7, 2020

There have been a few successful pivots in the production industry as a result of COVID19. A couple of notable ones are Upstaging with their production of PPE and Michael Strickland through his efforts to work between the entertainment world and the Federal Gov't to help bring relief to our industry. But there's another one that is as impressive. Fellow Long Island buddies, Patrick DIerson and Andrew Gumper - who both now reside in Las Vegas, like most of us, found themselves completely out of work when COVID hit in Feb / March of this year. Immediately, Andrew looked around his large facility - thinking "what can I build with all this stuff". It didn't take long, and the two settled on something... not just anything, but something BIG and bold, with the possibility of establishing a successful business that could transcend COVID and continue to operate in the "normal" world as well. Enjoy this fun and inspirational look into a couple of guys who thought "Oh shit - Now What!!?" and actually came up with the answer!