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Apr 21, 2023

Erik has been in the business more than 40 years, starting with Edgar Winter in the 70s, and more recently - the incredible Super Bowl Halftime show. He's a great guy with incredible stories, and although he had to cut this short for a birthday celebration, it was an enjoyable discussion. This episode was brought to you...

Apr 18, 2023

Jim was a very early proponent of Digital HD projection, he provided HD process images for the CBS series, “Hack” as well as having provided 3D HD projection for James Cameron’s “Expedition Bismarck” at the National Museum of Natural History. This episode was brought to you by ACT Entertainment

Apr 13, 2023

Roland began his "career" with a passion for audio at 8 years old, and in his teens made the move to lighting. Since that time, he has worked hard to establish himself as a premier designer and programmer of all things lighting, with a focus on video as well. He now collaborates with Woodroffe Bassett Design on Genesis,...